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Mar 24, 2011 5:00am EDT
. if the world cup fever hadn't gripped in gear yet, it certainly is now. australia they are the four-time winners in the tournament. world cup winners three times. this match should be a thrilling natural store. the captain won the toss. it hasn't yet tom to life yet but in australia in the -- the winner of that one will play pakistan. that will be a great semifinal whoever goes through. pakistan thrashed the western with 10 conflicted. -- with 10 wickets. the west indy coach criticized the senior players. this one was out for eight. he said don't blame the senior play. he apologized and he is now the leading wicket taker in the tournament with 21 wickets. well, then in reply mohammed and cameron, in the pakistan openers, 175 balls left in their innings. they won by 10 wickets. the man of the match, 61. and pakistan, winning their match easily. they will play australia or india. as i said, australia, 21 -- excuse me, 24 without loss. i think that is ahead. can't see. so a very early day in that match. haven't lost a wicket yet. but pakistan awaits india or australia in the semifinals
Mar 20, 2011 8:00am EDT
. >>> coming up, prince william travels to australia and new zealand. to express his sorrow for those savaged by the snoom snm and the earth wake. >> one of his big first royal trips. >>> and also, the sad story of knut. he was so cute when he first hit the scene. what happened to him? tends to stay at rest...t while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen, and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead t
Mar 12, 2011 8:00pm EST
the secretary, we also have the prime minister of australia. she was the first female prime minister in australia. she made an announcement and talked about the value of education. her announcement had to do with the commitment of additional resources to educate girls in afghanistan. in addition to that, there was an announcement from the goldman sachs foundation. they have a program to help educate women entrepreneurs with business and management training, and the announced the first of this scholarship will be deployed to help women in indonesia and haiti, to target women for specialized training, given the role that women play in economic growth, particularly women running medium-sized businesses who often face great barriers, but are critical in driving in gdp in those countries. so, that sums up the event we just participated in. i will ask our two honorees to come up here. each of them may want to say a few words. maria -- then we will open it up to questions. >> ok. thank you. i am from central africa, cameroon, as you heard. we've had many problems in my country of democracy
Mar 12, 2011 11:00pm EST
women of courage award ceremony. later, australia and the prime minister julia gillard addresses a joint meeting of congress. tomorrow, house representative peter king examining the situation of muslim americans. that is followed by a man who related their personal accounts of family members reported by islamic radicals. that is sunday at 10:30 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> one-quarter of mortgages are under water. one-fifth of all our wealth was wiped out in the great crash. you cannot run an expensive new conservatives -- neoconservative do everything everywhere policy. >> the financial risks of the world today and tomorrow. his insights into the intersection of money and foreign policy. >> first lady michelle obama and secretary of state hillary clinton hosted the annual international woman of courage award ceremony at the state department. afterwards, to award winners spoke with reporters, a prosecutor from afghanistan and a journalist from cameron. this is about 30 minutes. >> good afternoon and welcome to the department of state. i am pleased to do -- pleased to greet you on the
Feb 28, 2011 6:30pm PST
month they'll leave daonogl bound for brisbane, australia. >> and we have the leave. we'll get work in australia. we are sad leaving people behind leaving family and friends. no choice in the matter. we have to go. >> they will follow a well trodden path. 17 people have left the village in search of work down under. it's just absolutely. pubs across the county are seeing a reworking of population. >> it was like an end. it was like we may see these people again. it's possibly not as as fatal as that. but i think parents and sisters and brothers and friends know it could be five years before these people are back. >> it's estimated 1,000 people are leaving ireland each week. two more are to vote with their feet and follow. >> the economic downturn has produced a scramble on college courses with many people choosing to stay in education or returning. >> construction to cookery that was the route by andrew ward when he found himself at the sharp end of the economic down tu turn. things got quiet, and i was let go. and irene has also returned to education. she took redundancy from quinn
Mar 9, 2011 10:00am EST
gillard, prime minister of australia, only the doors immediately opposite the speaker and those immediately to his left and right will be open. no one will be allowed on the floor of the house who does not have the privilege of the floor of the house. due to the large attendance that is anticipated, the rule regarding the privilege of the floor must be strictly enforced. children of members will not be permitted on the floor. the cooperation of all members is requested. the practice of reserving seats prior to the joint meeting by placard will not be allowed. members may reserve their seats by physical presence only following the security sweep of the chamber. pursuant to the order of the house of monday, february 28, 2011, the house stands in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> the house has recessed so the chamber can be prepared for the acresse by the australian prime minister, julia gillard, at 11:00 eastern. we'll have live coverage here on c-span. the house starts legislative work at about noon. members will begin debate on two bills to eliminate home mortgage prog
Mar 9, 2011 5:00pm EST
of australia. >> mr. speaker, the prime minister of australia. the speaker: members of congress, i have the high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the honorable julia gillard, prime minister of australia. >> thank you very much. mr. speaker, mr. president pro tempore, dwibbed members of the senate and house, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, i'm the fourth australian prime minister to address you. like them, i take your invitation as a great honor. like them, i accepted on behalf of australia. since 1950, australian prime ministers, have come here speaking for all the australian people. through you, to all the people of the united states, they each came with a simple message, a message which has been true in war and peace, a message which has been true in hardship and prosperity. in the cold war and in the new world, a message i repeat to you today. distinguished members of the senate and the house, you have a true friend down under. the defining image of america was the landing at normandy. your boys risking everything to help free the world. for my own genera
Mar 29, 2011 5:30pm PDT
, if it is true, is it? it is espionage. >> according to the newspapers in australia, this amounts to a breach of national security. these allegations have emerged in a couple of australian newspapers and you are absolutely right, the finger of suspicion is pointed at try now. an expert here in australia believes they may have been after international secrets, give an australian resources have helped to industrialize china. for their part in beijing, a spokesperson there says these allegations are unfounded and the government there says they do not comment on specific intelligence matters. >> is there any doubt it was the chinese? or is it just the newspaper's reporting it? is there any other indication that it could happen then? >> we understand an investigation has been launched, and if there is proof that chinese agents were involved in this allegedly cyber spying, it could well destabilize relations between these two countries. they enjoy economic relationships and fdot -- and diplomatic ties have been strained in the last couple of years. there have been times when mining has caused frict
Mar 25, 2011 5:00am EDT
place right now. if it was anything like the match between india and australia, we are in for a real treat. they elected to bat first and they started pretty badly. lost their openers with just 16 runs on the board but recovered slightly to 47 for two, that was a short while ago. the winner of that one will -- the other semifinal is between pakistan and india after india beat the world champion australia team, knocked them out of the tournament. here's a picture of ricky punting. hasn't scored a century in -- 104-118 balls. when he was out, he had just wondered whether australia scored enough runs. well, this is in the reply. saying their staff who hit a half century hit a wicket and saw india home. those are the winning runs, india set up that semifinal with pac park. that's why they are happy, the co-host to the semifinals. >> not pretty happy, australia. ricky got a century, but even that wasn't enough. >> yeah. when you score a century, you hope to be on the winning side. he was on the losing side. but they won the last three world cups. so many people feeling they had their time
Mar 11, 2011 9:00pm EST
. what happened to a young bride on her honeymoon, last seen scuba diving in australia with her husband. he told a heartbreaking tale but now faces trial in the u.s. and testimony from an underwater witness is being revealed. here's dennis murphy. >> when you see the great barrier reef, there is something about the vastness of that whole ar area. >> the water closes over your head, the entire rest of the world goes away. >> reporter: it's a scuba diver's nirvana, australia's great barrier reef. miles of coral and spectacular sea life that thrives on it. >> big beautiful formations, stunning. absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: and the bones of a ship on the bottom there is the highlight of any dive trip to the reef. 100 feet down lies the "angala" encrusted in coral. her deck hauntingly beautiful and a reminder how alien and hostile the sea can be to humans. the coastal vessel steamed into a cyclone in 1911, taking all hands and passengers with her. 122 perished. the ship became a kind of australian "titanic." for 50 years the site of the wreck went undiscovered to all but the fish and t
Mar 29, 2011 12:30am PDT
for groups to register as political parties. australia's's cricket captain has resigned after his reign of nine years. he will continue. this is what he had to say about his resignation. >> i want to make sure that i gave the next capt. every opportunity i possibly could to make sure he had as much experience going forward into the next couple of events. the series coming up in 2013 and 2014. i thought it was an opportune time. the possibility of me being around for either of those series is probably run out as well. i take the timing was spot on. all that being said, i made it very clear that it is still a selection in both forms of the game. i will stay around and play a little bit longer with the team. and certainly as a leader for some of the under guys around. the russia just announcing his decision to resign as a strongly oppose the cricket captain. -- australia's cricket captain. he also said the company belongs not to a dictator, but to its people. the conference in london will take place tuesday morning with more than 40 governments and organizations will meet to try to lay a g
Mar 11, 2011 6:00pm PST
afecto a nueva zelanda, australia, rusia, guam, filipinas, indonesia, papúa nueva guinea, nauru, hawái, islas marianas del norte, estados unidos, taiwán, américa central, méxico, colombia, perú, ecuador y chile . >> la autoridades de japón están alerta por la central nuclear de japón . >> el mayor terremoto en japón ya dejó centenares de víctimas el ministerio dijo que las víctimas pueden ser más de mil. >> tan sólo en miyagi, la policía encontro entre 300 y 400 persona smuertas. >> a nivel local la alerta se anuncio este día viernes . >> uno de los puntos más vigilados fue acá en san francisco . >> buenas tardes beatriz ferrari . >> buenas tardes, ahora estamos donde las olas no fueron una complicacion, pero si donde hubieron muchos daños fue en el condado de santa cruz, esto también en el condado de san mateo . >> el gobernador jerry brown declaró estado de emergencia. >> mire el bote que quedo enganchado. >> las autoridades intentaban tomar control de las embarcaciones que navegaban a la deriva . >> nunca había visto algo así acá, las embarcaciones estaban cho
Mar 7, 2011 11:00am EST
to president obama meeting with the prime minister from australia. >> i had a chance to meet during the asean summit and the g-20 summit, and was immediately charmed, as i'm sure at least a good chunk of the australian people are. we have no stronger ally than australia. and as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of our alliance, i think it's especially appropriate to have prime minister gillard here. i understand that you'll be speaking to a joint session of congress, which is a high honor that is reserved for only our closest friends. and i think it's a measure of the degree to which australians are held in such high esteem by americans, partly because we share so much. not only do we share a long, a commitment to democracy, a set of shared values, but i think there's also a shared sense of open spaces and the pioneer spirit, and as prime minister gillard said, the first time we met, it's what makes us great mates. we've had a very useful discussion about a wide range of issues. we began by me once again expressing on behalf of all the people of the united states, our deepest condolences for
Mar 10, 2011 5:30pm PST
book about jesus christ and there are surprising revelations. and we journey to australia to find out why the kangaroo has such a balance in its step. -- such a bounce in its step. in libya, colonel gaddafi's troops are still bombarding rebel-held areas from the air and the ground. one of his sons has said that government forces will unleash a full-scale assault. any international integration -- any international intervention will not be a piece of cake, and will fail. the rebels and those following them are easy targets on an open road in in the desert. this was near the oil camp. and they weren' forced back. the rebels have gone up and down this road, but to get off the forces have more firepower. -- in the khaddafi forces have more firepower. >> where is everybody? we need more help. >> colonel gaddafi is warplanes and weapons will be decisive if the rebels do not get help from abroad. the regime is suggesting the americans might want to arm the rebels. >> libyan television had what seemed to be an intercepted telephone call, a supposedly between the u.s. ambassador and the rebel g
Mar 17, 2011 5:30pm PDT
and things. we are worried about the nuclear situation. >> of france and australia are urging their citizens to leave tokyo as well. many other foreigners are not waiting for their government. they decided it is better to leave now than in the panic following the reactor meltdown. >> authorities have been using more and more desperate methods to cool down the reactor at the nuclear complex. there is criticism about a lack of clear information. >> a glimpse into the heart of the nuclear nightmare. the first pictures in side of the wrecked power station. the more the experts find out about the extraordinary level of devastation, the more they are worried. sending helicopters to drop water is an act of desperation. this is a sign of multiple crises. three reactors are in trouble. what is worrying authorities is the damages to the stores of a spent nuclear fuel. >> there is a huge volume of fuel there. once this starts to heat up, a canny mix and -- can emit significant amounts of radiation. that would undermine the ability of the japanese authorities to work in the facility. >> things are getti
Mar 21, 2011 9:00am EDT
his fiancee on official business visiting areas in australia devastated by a cyclone and floods this year. there are hints that he and kate may honeymoon down under. >> oh. >> we'll get to the gossip after this. >> if he has prewedding jitters i don't think he showed any of that as he joked with the crowds and seemed to lift spirits there. they need that. also lifting spirits because a lot of us are looking forward to the wedding. also ahead, something to lift your mood. how to look like you have lost ten pounds in ten seconds, all by putting on the right clothing. from jeans to dresses we have the latest styles with built-in shapewear. >> hmm. i'm wearing pants just like that. >> wearing your manx? >> you don't need them, al roker. >> those could come in handy after you try some chicken fried steak sliders. >> there we go. that's a segue. >> we giveth and we taketh away. we'll learn how to take them from chef robert ali. >> you can eat anything you want. >> sounds like fun. first a check of the weather. >> with a side of grease. let's show you what's going on for the week ahead
Mar 23, 2011 7:00am EDT
134-8. pakistan is, which will take them to the semifinals against the winner of the match, australia and india, taking place on thursday. there have been interesting things going on in the australian camper. ricky, massively under pressure , many suggesting that he was going to retire. he has come out fighting. he said he did not see the finish line. in that he never, ever thought about retirement. putting the ball back firmly into the cricket australia court. >> thank you, indeed. once more on the sport? or any of the stories seem on the program? this is the place to go. news and the latest updates. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click-to-play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide rang
Mar 19, 2011 4:30am EDT
did you come by it? man: well, my daughter lives in australia. she's coming back to england shortly. don't tell me it's from australia, because i won't believe you. - no, it's not from australia. - ( laughing ) no, she's coming back to england shortly, and she was wanting a house. and we purchased a house for her in the village where we live, and we acquired the contents as well. and this was left among the contents. woman: i simply don't believe you. things like that don't happen anymore. - just the case. - you lucky chap. - do you know what it is? - i know it's embroidery. i believe it's 17th century, - and that's about it. - well, you got a good start, i have to say. yes, it is. it's a wonderful piece of english domestic embroidery. and this style of picture had a real flourishing in the 17th century from the time of charles i into the puritan period-- they were still embroidering then-- and then again in the restoration in 1660. but this figure here, although i have an idea who she is, could be drawn from all sorts of references. sometimes you might find that it's a biblical sce
Mar 18, 2011 12:00am EDT
girlfriends over in australia? >> i was pretty ice cold in australia. >> jimmy: really? what's ice cold to you? one girl a night? >> dicky: jena malone. and music from young down lynners. >> your harry baals will come nestled inside this collectible >> dicky: it's focus rally america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. with the grand finale to the focus rally america. after driving to just about every nook and cranny of the continental united states to compete in the ultimate interactive road rally, our six teams finally put their all-new 2012 ford focuses into park. and now, it's now time to meet the winners of the focus rally america and their own all-new ford focuses. the six finalists are, margot and jeff, john and carolyn, matt and brittany, clayton and adam, mike and brian and bryn and donna. and the winners are? john and carolyn, the gray team. john and carolyn, come on down! [ applause ] john and carolyn, i give you the keys to the -- each of you gets a 2012 ford focus. >> can i have a hug? rk how does it feel to be a champion? >> good. >> jimmy: what was the worst part of the trip? >> pr
Mar 2, 2011 4:00am EST
coming out of australia. the economy did grow about .7%. that is a little short of expectations. the s&p down about .5%. shanghai down by not so much. it has been a longer term selloff going on in shanghai. >>> speaking of oil prices, the price of crude peaking again late on tuesday to two-year highs on increased on risk in north africa in the middle east. nymex crude is up .16 cents in electronic trade here in asia. it's under $100 a barrel. it had been up over $100 in new york trading overnight. brent crude seen as a closer indicator of the risk premium now being built to crude oil. that's come off just a fraction. now the price is still $115.36 a barrel. it was up at $116 a little earlier. those levels the highest since august of 2008. and there's growing concern that if oil prices continue to push higher, they threaten the longer-term economic recovery. the global economic recovery. also, the biggest economic recovery, the economy of the u.s. as well. here's what the reserve chief ben bernanke had to say about that before he spoke to the u.s. congress on tuesday. >> the most likely
Mar 11, 2011 3:00am EST
. this now includes indonesia. those of you watching this program from indonesia, had a by, australia, zeemd, hawaii and the coast including mexico, chile and peru. earlier the center issued a warning for japan, russia, guam, wake island and taiwan. the pacific tsunami warning has extended the area for tsunami warnings may strike. obviously the tsunami has already struck these areas. some of the cars there plunging into the water. the tsunami affecting the prefecture just about a few hundred kilometers north of tokyo. for our viewers that are just tuning in, this is a warning out for indonesia, hawaii, australia, new zealand, mexico, chile, peru, russia, the north marianas, guam, taiwan. first tsunamis of course not necessarily the largest. the sea draws back, a tsunami can hit the coast at a rapid speed. obviously of what is happening to many cities in northern japan. i spoke to an expert earlier this week when a tsunami does hit. do not climb in the cars. move by foot. move by foot to higher ground as soon as possible. this is not just a japan story anymore. we're talking about tsunamis. p
Mar 17, 2011 11:00am PDT
william is visiting new zealand and australia following a large earthquake and mass flood. first off was a section in downtown christchurch. he visited the cathedral and met with emergency crews working to stabilize and repair the buildings. the 6.3 earthquake toppled thousands of buildings and killed at least 166 people back on february 22nd. prince william will fly to australia on saturday to tour areas that were hit by that country's worst flooding in deck tads. -- decades. >>> tiger woods is opening up about his career, finding balance in his life and his relationship with his children. the golf star sat down with good morning america. it has been a challenging year and a half for woods. he crashed his suv in florida in november of 2009, and that lead to the revelations about several extramarital affairs and eventually a divorce from his wiewf, elin. woods says being a single father is tough, but he enjoys it. >> i just love being with them and seeing what they are doing and what they are capable of doing. the shifts of interest. that's what is fun. we have a great time together,
Mar 4, 2011 7:00pm PST
immigration to australia via malaysia. he made the remark on thursday during a three-day visit to cambria. representatives from africa and south asia are using malaysia to enter australia at a transit point to enter on rickety boats. an australian plan to set up a detention center for refugees will be taken up at a meeting in bali next week. the meeting is devoted to combating human smuggling and related transatlantic crimes in the region and beyond. >>> a video from china's cctv of baby pandas in an utterly playful mood is proving to be an instant online hit. the cute and cuddly cubs are seen jumping up and down on a cot and sometimes limb locked in a rumpus. in just a few days the anonymously uploaded clip has become a popular choice for hundreds. >>> hello again. time for another update on the world's weather. looks like it's going to be dry across much of continental eastern asia as we head into the weekend. a bit of cloud cover to the north, maybe even a few snow showers spreading across northern and northeastern locations of china. it's down to the south that we're going to see more
Mar 17, 2011 11:30am PDT
) >>> britain's prince william is visiting new zealand and australia following a large earthquake and mass flood. first off was a section in downtown christchurch. he visited the cathedral and met with emergency crews working to stabilize and repair the buildings. the 6.3 earthquake toppled thousands of buildings and killed at least 166 people back on february 22nd. prince william will fly to australia on saturday to tour areas that were hit by that country's worst flooding in deck tads. -- decades. >>> tiger woods is opening up about his career, finding balance in his life and his relationship with his children. the golf star sat down with good morning america. it has been a challenging year and a half for woods. he crashed his suv in florida in november of 2009, and that lead to the revelations about several extramarital affairs and eventually a divorce from his wiewf, elin. woods says being a single father is tough, but he enjoys it. >> i just love being with them and seeing what they are doing and what they are capable of doing. the shifts of interest. that's what is fun. we have a great tim
Mar 29, 2011 11:00pm PDT
claudio borghi.. ---- australia sorprendio de visita a alemania.... el jugador espaÑol aleman mario gomez puso al frente a los teutones.. pero un periodo de dos minuto el complemento david carney y luke wilshire de penal le dieron el triunfo a australia.. esta fue la primera victoria de los socceroos ante el tricampeon del mundo... --- aqui otros resultados... china le propino a honduras su segunda goliza en cinco dias... peru y ecuador sin goles.. uruguay supero a irlanda 3 a 2... ucrania perdio ante italia y portugal gano dos a cero frente a finlandia... ---el caso de perjurio encontra del rey del cuadrangular continuo hoy en san francisco.... ---- con la primera declaracion de otros atletas... .. jason giambi ... primera base de los rockies de colorado dijo que el entrenador de barry bonds le mando esteroides... el hermano de giambi jeremy tambien testifico hoy.. esa es la informacion deportiva.. .blanca regreso contigo.. take vo ----gracias ramon ! completamos con el resultado final del juego de fecha "fifa" en el estadio "qualcomm" de san diego aqui en california , entre mexico y ve
Mar 24, 2011 3:00pm PDT
could go the direction of what i think australia presumably is doing, which is to build up the system -- have the government allowed the system. the think phone companies sort of lease it or something. i am not sure exactly how it works. the "was, "why do we need 85 different companies building the system when we can do it and reach everyone fairly throughout the country?" socialist, i know. president olague: we cannot even get health care straight. vice president miguel: that is a difference between america and other countries. we have competition. wife -- while we have the entitlement before us on this installation and the others, the customers of the cellular phones are not limited just to san francisco residents, but many people who passed through san francisco but still would like to be able to pick up their cell phone signals, or those who are visiting or maybe vacationing here. we have to take into consideration the fact that we are serving the broader public than just the residents of san francisco when we deal with these questions. >> commissioners, the motion on the floor is
Mar 11, 2011 5:00am EST
as warnings that have been issued in australia, hawaii and peru. >> the moment the earthquake struck, this, is a local government office. this, the offices of japan's public broadcasting. there were several powerful aftershocks in the hours following. >> the magnitude of this one was too obvious. people spilled out on to the streets and tried to comfort one another. the earthquake was off the north eastern coast and the tsunami swept inland. in its path, cars, boats, buildings, debris of all time. fires were triggered. it's being described as the biggest earthquake to hit japan in 140 years. here a boat in a harbor finds itself in a whirlpool created by the earthquake. an oil refinery burns out of control just outside the capital. of yet no one's even begun to account for the economic disaster. >> i offer my deepest sympathy for the people who have suffered the disaster. regarding our nuclear power facilities, some of the nuclear power plants have stopped automatically, but so far no radioactive material or radiation has been leaked to the outside. there's been no information on those line
Mar 17, 2011 7:00am EDT
tokyo and northern japan, including britain, the united states, and also now australia and france. around 5300 people are known to have died and more than 8000 are still missing. bitter winter weather, snow, has added to the misery for survivors but more supplies are now reported to be reaching them. s t's get an update on allel den l developments in the past few hours. >> military helicopters making a fresh attempt to damp enough water on the most endangered parts of the fukushima nuclear plant to reduce the threat of serious radiation leaks. but the television footage appears to show at least some of the water disbursed by the wind. it is not clear how far this strategy will help contain the crisis. these water cannons have been brought in, too, and what is on crest -- unquestionably a race against time. >> the defense force conducted a spraying of water from the air and the police are also going to start the water spraying by the water cannon trucks. we are trying to combine these two approaches to maximize the affect of what her spreading. reactorsof the plants' -- the particu
Mar 7, 2011 6:00pm EST
a secret service agent shares his story of that day. 00000xñ0 >>> australia donating $3 million to the veterans memorial fund. it will be put towards a visitors center. australia was a u.s. ally in the war. it will cost $85 million to build. ground breaking is scheduled for 2012 or 2013. >>> he will not run for reelection next year. he's worried about the effect the campaign would have on his family. he's under investigation by the senate ethics committee. he acknowledged in 2009 he had an affair with a former member of his campaign staff and he helped her husband obtain a lobbying job. >>> 30 years ago this month, john linkly tried to assassinate president reagan. that day in history now the subject of a book. the rivetting account of what exactly happened. paul wagner is here with a preview of an amazing story. >> reporter: when reagan was shot on march 30, 1981, jerry s at his side shoving the president in the back of the limousine and making the life- saving decision to go to the hospital instead of the white house. we talked to him about the decisions he made and the ride
Mar 7, 2011 7:00pm EST
. a little presidential history. >> he has come to talk to you about australia and actually start by asking you a few questions. a bit of a top quiz about australia. [ laughter ] >> you guys better be prepared. >> i don't know how they did, but they were named virginia teacher of the year in 2011. you've got to think that she had them prepared. >>> you want that new ipad apple but you don't want to stand in line and pay for it? well 9news now is giving you a chance to win your very own on our facebook page. just go to our page like button and invite your friend for a better chance of winning. and we'll announce the winner on our morning show. >> no april fools. >> we had heavy rain, which you thought that we were going to have and it changed to snow briefly last night. >> no, i did not see that. i did not look. and where i was there was no snow on the ground. >> no. a very few places had snow on the ground. we had a picture of some snow up in the ground. they had about 3.5 inches. >> where is this topper? >> go to the computer and it'll be there. >> okay. >> okay, now there we go. [ laughte
Mar 6, 2011 9:00pm EST
australia, went to law school in 2003 and the western university in 2005. so it's dr.. spearman both in australia? in canada? but me read, in your book is called i of the hurricane, might have from darkness to freedom with a speed by nelson mandela and york cocoa authoress tamp class ki. you see my main purpose of writing the book is to share with you that i have discovered the truth but the love of truth is the spirit of man given where i was and how long i was there this is incredible. i have no business at all been here now. >> guest: that is absolutely correct. >> host: you say you were in jail 40 something years. what do you mean by that? >> guest: i was in jail -- the fact that we are born into a prison actually, when we are born we are complete with all of possibilities in tact but we are also born into a world of sleeping people where he ate and war and death and destruction and inequality remains free so we are actually born into prison. i was in the prison for the first 40 years of my life until i was able to wake up and get out of that prison and real lives who i really am
Mar 26, 2011 12:00am PDT
tonight because i had that dream when i was a little boy. and i came from nowhere in australia. i like where i'm going and where i've been. it's because of that one thing that i believe in the gift i was given. and i believe i had to pursue it with every ounce of my energy. and i'm still trying to get good at this. that's what i want to do. (laughter) but anyway, i signed a cd for him, and i said, "i want to see the day, i want to be around to be in line to buy your cd." and you know what he said? he said, "you'll be dead by then," just like that. (laughter) well, we'll see about that! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (applause) i feel good about being on public television because it's a platform for people like me, artists like myself, to get my music, my gift, to you. and so your gift should be to donate to your local public television station because you're making a statement. it's as important as you all vote out there. so support public television, please. i wrote mombassa in kenya. of course, the city of mombassa is in kenya. it's right on the coast. but we were in nai
Mar 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
australia >>> continuamos conmas >>> gracias, si no va al parti do de méxico y paraguay vealo por univisión >>> por el día de la madre tenemos el concurso celebrando a
Feb 28, 2011 7:00pm PST
-- or rather australia and in toward western australia here. alki at a very lows. well-developed low that is he heading in toward new zealand fit a t rain for australia, some heavy rain spots showing up across the gulf of stlienteria and also western here expecting almost 200 millimeters in the next day or so. that's a lot of rain headed your way. there is going to be those flooding concerns. so do stan the watch and watch those river levels as they could start rising. now, for new zealand two swers are headed your way, spreading a little bit more and getting quite heavy in parts of the south island here, along the coastline. picking up on some heavier downpours throughout the day. for christchurch as well a couple scattered showers possible through tuesday. things get a ltl me aive on wednesday, especially through the morning hours. rain is possible. also gusty weather. gusts expected to hit 90 sclmz per ho kilometers per hour in the morning hours of wednesday. thhaveheosbity of causing quite a bit of damage and further destruction. also, temperatures too they're going to be coolin
Mar 7, 2011 4:30am EST
of australia will visit the white house to meet with president obama to discuss foreign affairs. the first prime minister julia gillard is visiting to announce australia's involvement in building a new education center at the vietnam memorial. australia has been one of the u.s.'s closest allies. during the year they supplied 60,000 troops. the center will be built near the lincoln an vietnam memorials and is intended to put faces to names etched in the wall. >>> the white house says muslim-americans are not part of the terrorism problem facing the u.s. they are part of the solution. the administration is trying to ease tensions as a congressional committee is scheduled to hold hearings on islamic radicalization. it will focus on the muslim community and law enforcement relationships. peter king from new york is unfair targeting muslims many say. >>> starting today you have to pay a toll to ride on the inner county connector. the first section of the new highway runs near i-370 in gaithersburg and georgia avenue and has been free to drivers for the past two weeks. it will now cost you $1.45
Mar 18, 2011 12:00am PDT
was in australia, i just graduated from high school. >> jimmy: why were you in australia? >> 18 years old, right? life was great. i graduated, i made my grades, did my chores, had some cash, mom and dad were like, if you hadn't learned from us yet, it's too late. great car, great girlfriend, my golf handicap was 4, i was catching green lights, right. i didn't know what i wanted to do. so, my mom came up with the idea, said, you want to be an exchange student. i said sure. so -- >> jimmy: aren't you supposed to still be in high school to be -- >> this is two weeks out of high school. it was between australia and sweden. i headed out. and i get out there and they put me back in high school and not only in 12th grade, they put me in 11th grade because i went over in the middle of the semester. >> jimmy: because of the time differences? >> [ bleep ], right? hell of a trip, man. they said, you know, you're going to be with this group of kids and in the middle of the semester, so, i go for the first six months for them, stop for the summer, you come back and get the next six months with the sail gang.
Mar 7, 2011 12:00pm EST
with australia, we are again calling on the libyan regime to stoppin the in humane, brutal, unacceptable assaults on its own people. and for colonel gaddafi to step aside, as he has lost legitimacy in the eyes of his people and the world. >> i was not -- i was talking in terms of lives. candidate obama spoke with great eloquence about using u.s. forces and the force of the international community to stop slaughter. i was wondering, more than 1000 people have died according to the united nations. how many more until the united states declare that they will arm the rebels or set up a no- fly zone? how many people have to die? >> it is understandable that as we watched the images that we get that show us what is happening in libya, the urgency that we all feel to move and do something quickly -- i would simply say that the international community, with the united states, has moved incredibly rapidly to address the situation in libya. they continue to deal with this with great urgency. the meeting today at made out of the north of that the council will be repeated daily this week aspects options are
Mar 21, 2011 7:00am EDT
on their honeymoon? we have a hint the prince may have dropped in australia. that's coming up after your local news. because you don't see this everyday. (child) because we read the books . (man) and watched the movies . and now we're living it. because i can fly with harry. follow me! because now i can turn my brother back into a human being. (narrator) from unforgettable adventures, to the wizarding world of harry potter, only at universal orlando resort. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new mccafé shakes. with a fresh look and delicious new toppings, they're a brand-new way to indulge. new mccafé shakes. oh. thank you, baby. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of love at first sight. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. time for a check of the morning commute. >> on 50 we have an accident at the severn river bridge in the westbound direction. tractor-trailer involved. causing pretty heavy delays there. in the meantime, we're tracking an accident on the b.w.i. parkway. must not i-70 past 97, accident report -- westbound i-70 pa
Mar 17, 2011 5:00am EDT
of fukushima, about 50 miles. australia said its citizens should get within the same distance, south korea's government is advising people to get further away or stay indoors and the french prime minister, nicholas car csarkozy to leave the country altogether. >> stan grant is in tokyo. we're hearing the americans, french, south koreans to move further away from the radius that the japanese advised its own citizens. what do they know that we don't know? >> reporter: well, they're drawing on the information that the japanese are providing and extrapolating interest that and coming up with their own assessments about what is appropriate for their own needs. the japanese are maintaining based on the figures they have for the radiation levels at the 20 kilometer radius it is appropriate but there is a warning for people within 30 kilometers to stay indoors and avoid coming in contact with hazardous problem. the problem with this is pinning down what the radiation levels are and the extent of risk. i spent a lot of time poring over this information day by day almost going minute by minute in th
Mar 28, 2011 4:00am EDT
boosted by financial stocks. uranium producers and mining stocks dragged australia's main benchmark lower by about .2% and the nikkei in tokyo dipped again on more concerns about one of japan's troubled nuclear reactors. tokyo electric power was the worst performer on the nikkei today, plunging nearly 18% by the close. and just to put this into context, $29 billion has been wiped off of tepco's market value. well, tepco was under fire once again on monday after overestimating the amount of radiation found in a reactor at the damaged fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. the cabinet secretary said the mistake was due to worker fatigue but also said that was still not acceptable. officials are trying to deal with higher than normal radiation levels at reactors two and three and now temperatures are up in reactor number one. and authorities are warning residents to stay away from the area. >> it is a very risky area with contamination. therefore we urge residents not to return to the 20 kilometer radius area. >> authorities have been scrambling to restore the reactor's cooling systems to pr
Mar 7, 2011 6:00am EST
. >>> australia's prime minister julia gillard will visit the national mall today to show support for the vietnam memorial. australia has been one of america's closest allies for years and during the vietnam war australia supplied more than 60,000 troops for the war effort. more than 500 australians lost their lives and 3,000 were wounded. the center will be built near the lincoln and vietnam memorials and is intended to put faces to names etched in the wall. >>> 6:20 now. this morning the search is on for a missing american student in spain. 22-year-old austin bice was last seen outside a nightclub in madrid last week. his father flew to spain to search for his son. bice is from san diego and studying there. he kept a blog about his adventures but it has not been updated since he disappeared. >> the friend decided to go into the discotheque. it was a little late. he decided to walk home. that was the last time he was seen headed north. >> thousands joined facebook to help in his search. a europe-wide police alert has been issued for bice. >>> it is back to the bargaining table for the nfl and pl
Mar 29, 2011 9:00am EDT
were you when you first started playing? >> i grew up in a rural area of australia and i was ten years old when i started playing. so i've been doing it for nine years now. >> and literally we use the word virtuoso because you are so good. is it a matter of playing and practicing every single day? >> yeah. you really have to be committed to it. and i kind of developed a itch and the desire to practice when i was about 12 or 1. i feel like the last five, six, seven years have been a constant effort to be as good as i can. >> do you call your style anything in particular? >> it's an amal gum of a lot of styles. it's a finger style. but in the process of working on a new album now and i'm applying these ideas to a more song-based context. >> and you write music as well and do some singing too? >> yeah. about a year ago i moved to nashville, tennessee, from australia, which was a big jump. left my family and friends back in australia, so i've been learning so much in nashville and it's been really a great place. >> and that's one of the things you say you're most excited about learning wha
Mar 22, 2011 12:35am PDT
australia, correct? >> i am, indeed. yeah. >> jimmy: well, welcome to new york. how are you liking new york? >> i love new york, actually. it's kind of my favorite place in the world at the moment. i'm thinking of possibly moving here when i've finished the press stuff for "sucker punch." >> jimmy: yeah, you are? cool. what neighborhood or no? >> no, i don't know. i'm sort of open to suggestions. >> jimmy: well, i can introduce you to some real estate people. >> i could use that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i have no idea where to go. i saw you in a picture in l.a., you were at a laker game. [ scattered cheers ] do you like the lakers? >> wow, that's a real -- >> jimmy: yeah, he looks like he's having no fun. >> not into it at all. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not good. not good. pretty decent seats, though. >> i know, it was ridiculous. i had like laker girls' asses in my face. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, i know. [ laughter ] you don't want that, no, no. but you're into basketball? do you like basketball? are you a sporting person? >> i'm not so much of a sporty person, but my whole family is
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